Teen Pregnancy is on the decline in San Antonio!

Please Save the Date for the 2012 Bexar County Teen Pregnancy report press conference on Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 11AM at the Central Library (600 Soledad). Teens and Parents, join  San Antonio Metro Health (Project WORTH) as the most recent teen pregnancy data is released.

Please call 207-8850 to RSVP. View the event flyer here Teen Pregnancy Press Conference FLYER 1210131


Now is your time to… LEARN

Generation TX San Antonio is committed to creating a college-going and career ready community in one generation. This is where YOU come in!

  • Attend a Seasons of College Event: Monthly events focused on college and career readiness. Check the calendar for upcoming events.
  • Become a GenTXpert: “A GenTXpert is defined as a student who embodies the GenTX culture and is committed to fueling the college-going movement in their school.‬‬ ” Find out more here

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Power Power!

Let’s Talk Month (October) may be over but it’s never too late to start the conversation. “Tips for Talking” from teens themselves.

Need more… Download more tips:  Parent Handout Bilingual Final , Parent-Guide-EnglishParent-Guide-Spanish


When is the right time to become a parent?

Teens speak out openly and honestly about their experience of becoming a parent during their teenage years. Check out the video,Demasiado Joven (Too Young), from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

Here’s another video of teens talking about their journey as teen parents.

So if not then…when is the right time to become a parent? That’s what ME NOW …baby later is all about! Learning, dreaming, having fun and waiting to be a parent until the right time for YOU! So tell us, when is the right time for YOU?